Enriched Air/Nitrox

Dive Longer and Deeper, Safer

With the Enriched Air/Nitrox Course

1/2 Day, 1 Dive

Why would I want to take this course?

Enriched Air/Nitrox (EANx) diving allows you to increase your No Decompression Limits, allowing you to extend your dive times and allow for better safety margins. Because of this, EANx diving is one of the most popular and most useful specialties. The Enriched Air/Nitrox specialty paired with Deep, Wreck, and Advanced certifications, provide you with the tools to dive pretty much anything and anywhere you want, outside of technical diving.

With EANx there are very real benefits:

  • Increased No Decompression Limits (NDL’s)—perfect for exploring specific dive sites such as wrecks
  • Reduced fatigue and nitrogen loading when diving multiple times a day, for multiple days
  • Mitigates predisposing factors and vulnerabilities for Decompression Sickness/Decompresssion Illness (DCS/DCI)
  • Reduced surface interval times and increased NDL’s for subsequent dives

However, using EANx adds another complicating factor to your dive planning and another metric to monitor during your dive, by increasing the level of oxygen in the air you breathe. You will learn what those considerations are, and how to manage them.

Course Information

Prerequisites & Requirements
  • Must be at least 15 years old
  • Adults (15+) must have their Open Water Diver Certification or be certified to dive to a maximum depth of 60 feet/18 meters
  • Requires reading course materials prior to instruction
  • Course duration is 1/2 day
Course Overview

The EANx course is a little different from other dive courses because there are no required dives for the specialty. EANx is essentially a “dry” course. It can be combined with one or two dives but it’s not necessary.

After reading the Enriched Air/Nitrox course material, you’ll complete the knowledge reviews with your instructor. Then you’ll learn how to analyze nitrox gas blends, and where and how to record that information.

You’ll then plan some dives with your newly acquired dive planning skills. At Pro Dive Roatan we actually like to dive, so we go take our newly tested cylinders and complete the course with a fun dive.


This course starts at $84.03 before taxes. View pricing details here.


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