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Finding Our Dive Shop

Directions to Pro Dive Roatan

Our Dive Shop Location

We are located in West End between Ocean Connections (BOSS water scooter tours) and Frank’s Cigar/Beach Bar.

Pro Dive Roatan
West End, Roatán
+1 855 466 2736 
+504 9669 7519


Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport (RTB) in Coxen Hole

Roatan (Juan Manual Gálvez) International Airport (RTB) is located on the Eastern End of the main town on the island (Coxen Hole). There are international flights from several US (Miami, Dallas & Houston) and Canadian (Toronto & Montreal) cities as well as from other major Central American hubs (Cayman, Belize City & El Salvador). These do change seasonally (especially AirTransat) and over time. There are also flights available from various European hubs via several different routes, Columbia, Panama, El Salvador, etc. They will generally go via San Salvador (SAL), San Pedro Sula (SPS) or Tegucigalpa (TGU) on the mainland and may have overnight stopovers.

Getting to Your Accommodations or Pro Dive Roatan from the Airport

Private Pick Up from Us

The easiest way to get to your accommodations or Pro Dive Roatan from the airport is to let us worry about it! If you provide us with your flight details and let us know where you’re staying, we’ll have someone waiting for you at the arrivals gate with our sign and your name and we’ll take care of the rest. Pricing will be the same as the taxi rates, $25, plus 19% tax which is simply added to your bill.

Private Taxi

A private (normal) taxi from the airport to West End or West Bay is $25. This is a set rate and should not vary. Taxi’s don’t usually get tips but if you want to leave a tip, it is always much appreciated.

Private Taxi Transport Times

  • From the airport to West End is about 25 minutes.
  • From the airport to Sandy Bay is 15-20 minutes.
  • From the airport to West Bay is 25-30 minutes.
Collectivo Taxi

For the adventurous souls, you can also cross the street from the airport to the gas station and catch a cheaper taxi for “collectivo” pricing. Collectivo are van taxis that will make multiple stops along the way, picking up and dropping off passengers. Some drivers (mostly islanders) speak English.

To take a collectivo taxi, flag down any cab driving on that side of the street by pointing to the ground. Before getting in the cab, tell them where you are headed. Some drivers will only operate to the east side of the island and will not take you to the western end.

Taking a collectivo taxi to West End will cost 60 Lps or $2.50 per person. To West Bay will cost about 110 Lps or $4 per person. Most drivers do not provide change.

There’s no guarantee how long it will take you to get to your destination with collectivo taxis. So if it’s your first time on the island, we suggest either making arrangements directly with us or taking a private taxi.


The cheapest way to get anywhwere from the airport is by a local bus. They are small, cramped, and hot little minivans. You have been warned!

The buses are set up by routes. Ruta 1 is for the East End, and will take you to the hub in the market in Coxen Hole. From there you can get on Ruta 2, which will take you through Sandy Bay and West End.

Using the buses will cost approximately 50 Lps or $2.

If You Rent a Car

Coming from the airport turn left at the exit and you are on the main road that runs along the island heading west. Follow the road all the way through Coxen Hole and Sandy Bay, keep going straight to the end of the road at the roundabout in Half Moon Bay (20-25 mins).

Turn left and we are about 200 yards on the right hand side. You will pass the Baptist Church on the corner of Half Moon Bay on your right, then a few more yards you will see a Pharmacy (Farmacia) on your left. We are located immediately after the Farmacia on your right behind Roatan Sales and Rentals office (Marcos and Delzie Rosales’ business—the original owners of the dive shop and still owners of the property).

While we don’t have on-site parking, you can park right across the street. Simply turn left immediately after the Farmacia and park there.

Getting to Pro Dive Roatan from Your Accommodations

Your Resort, Hostel, Airbnb, etc.
From Any Area

If you find out where the nearest dock is to your location and let us know, one of our dive boats can come pick you up from that dock with your equipment all set up and ready to go.

From Sandy Bay

You can grab a collectivo taxi from Sandy Bay area for 35 Lps or $1.50. Most drivers do not provide change.

From West Bay or area between West Bay and West End

Flag down a local water taxi and ask them to drop you off at our dock (mention Pro Dive Roatan and Quality Time Divers). If they drop you off at the main water taxi dock, turn left at the street and we are about 100 yards/300 feet down the street on the left-hand side. The water taxi costs 60 Lps or $3.

Interested in visiting Roatan?

Let us know about your trip or ask a question to learn more!