Pricing & Packages

Ready to blow some bubbles?

We have custom pricing packages for every diving experience.

Choose to rent your very own private boat, captain, and instructor for a whole week, full day, or per dive on your own or with a group of friends!

Captain for a day

Misquita / Catracha per day
Up to 18 / 24 tanks, as low as $55.55 per dive!

Reserve your very own private boat, captain, and instructor for a full day. Pricing is for a day of diving for up to 6 or 8 divers/snorkelers and for up to 3 dives/snorkels during daylight hours. If you use all 3 of these dives and fill your boat, this could mean each dive costs as little as $55.55 per dive for your own private boat, captain and dive professional!

The Tailored Service can be booked up to 14 days prior to your arrival.

$1,000 / $1,300

Misquita / Catratcha

Your boat for the week

Misquita / Catracha per week
Up to 106 / 144tanks, as low as $46.88 per dive!

Reserve your very own private boat, captain, and instructor for a dive week. Pricing is for 6 days of diving for up to 6 or 8 divers and as many as 3 dives/snorkels during daylight hours on our “Home Reef” (Zone 1) which has more than 90 dive sites from Texas at the westernmost point of the island to El Aguila, the shipwreck in Sandy Bay to the east. You decide your schedule, when you want to dive and how often. But if you max it out, you could have as many as 126/168 dives which could work out as little as $46.88 per dive.

The Boutique Service may be booked at any time.

$5,000 / $6,750

Misquita / Catratcha

Your private dive center

Have your Own Private Dive Center for the Week, the Day or The Dive!

Rent both of our boats and have the entire Dive Center for the exclusive use of your group…
Have our private sanctuary dock and boats all to yourselves. We can accommodate up to 14
divers and a few additional snorkelers. This is a unique opportunity on Roatan.

$11,750/Week   $2,300/Day   $980/Dive

Private Diving
and Snorkeling

Reserve your very own private boat, captain, and instructor for a private dive either on your own or with your group of friends! The Private Service must be booked at least 2 days before you plan to dive with us.

See pricing details here.



private dive



private dive

Diving with more than 4 People?


per dive, first 4 people


per additional person
That’s up to 24 tanks, as low as $43 per dive before tax!

Additional Options

This is your trip, customize it with a night dive, a fishing adventure, or a day trip to a remote island.


per tank


Ask for Pricing
per dive


Ask for pricing
per day


Ask for pricing
per day
Night Diving with Pro Dive Roatan

For safety reasons (yours) and for environmental protection reasons (reef damage), we will not take guests on a night dive unless we have dived with them previously in the daytime and deem it safe for both them and the reef. Please understand that night dives introduce a complexity that not all divers are ready for, in their buoyancy control, awareness, ability to follow a dive briefing and maintaining group contact as well as following instructions from their instructor/divemaster.

Tipping Guidelines

It is our pleasure to serve you as our guest! If we did a phenomenal job and you would like to thank your boat captain, instructor, or any of our staff for their service, you may choose to offer a gratuity. Since we receive questions about this often, we’ve provided a simple guideline to offering tips in Roatan. We hope that you find it helpful.

We love snorkelers too!

Our boats are set for 6 or 8 divers, but can accommodate 8 and 10 people, so if you want to add one or two snorkelers to your group above your 6 or 8 divers, then go right ahead!


per week


per snorkeler


per day


per snorkeler



per snorkeler

Want even more adventure?

Take a private diving excursion to our most pristine and exclusive diving sites in the area
Zone Pricing for Special Trips

We price special trips based on how far the boats will need to travel. All of the dive sites around the island have been broken into 7 zones, and each zone passed through incurs an additional charge.



per additional zone



per additional zone

For example, let’s say you want to go to Cayos Cochinos with our Misquita boat. It is in zone 6, so it would be 5 x $60 = $360. If you want to take the Catracha to Mary’s Place, it’s in zone 3, so it would cost 2 x $80 = $160.

Remote Tank Fills

If, on your adventures off in remote parts, exploring all of those distant zones you require to have your cylinders refilled without coming home (you start the day with enough for 2 dives). Then there will be a remote tank fill charge of $10/tank.

Interested in taking a course while you’re here?

Learn more about how to get certified or grow your skills as a diver with one of our courses!