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As a truly boutique dive shop…

We cater to the discerning diver and traveler who wants a truly customized vacation, where they are able to plan every detail of their trip. You don’t go to the dive site that the shop wants to take you to, or the local teaching site because there are other divers on the boat doing courses. You aren’t surrounded by a group of divers of differing abilities and differing preferences. Its just you and your friends or family doing whatever it is that you want to do. If you have some snorkelers in your group we can cater to them too. For almost all dive sites we have some shallow reef nearby that they can explore under the watchful eye of your captain.

Reserve our boat and your own captain for a week, day, or private dive!

Fancy chilling out for an extra hour and having a leisurely breakfast before diving, do it! Wanna get up early and head out at sunrise to go and explore some distant dive sites, do it! Decide to pull in for lunch at a cool restaurant up island for a break, do it! Like to do drift dives, do it! Prefer long leisurely shallow dives exploring bommies with all of the abundant life in each and every coral head, do it! Wall dive enthusiast, do it! Macro diving is your thing and you are happy to stay within 50 feet of the mooring line and hunt nudibranch’s, do it! Think you want to go deep this morning and check out the Odyssey wreck, do it! You’ve heard lionfish are great to eat and you want to go spear your own dinner, do it! You think you’ll call it a day at lunchtime and find a nice spot on the beach for a cocktail before you head back to the dive shop, do it!

Scuba Diving

Enjoy world-class scuba diving on the world’s second largest coral reef.

Diving courses-min

Diving Courses

Get recreationally certified or advance your scuba diving skills with a course.

Day Trips

Relax on a private beach or enjoy fishing (then have a local restaurant cook it up for you after!).

Celebrate with Us

We love to plan (and host) parties and can help you plan every detail.

Lionfish hunting-min

Lionfish Hunting

Earn your very own lionfish spearing license and go on your first hunt.

Local Attractions

When you’re not diving, explore restaurants, bars, and other unique local attractions.

Our Three Services

Renting Our Boats by the Week

This is what we do! Get together with a small group of friends or family and plan your private, personal and unique vacation. Groups of 6 or 8 are ideal, but we can cater for individual diving or a maximum group size of 18 (14 is preferred) with both of our boats. Reserve your boat for the week and let us get to know your needs and preferences so that we can provide you with the dive vacation of a lifetime! Dive when you want and where you want, completely on your schedule. YOUR boat, YOUR captain, YOUR instructor/dive master – YOUR perfect dive vacation. Unlike live-aboard diving, or more traditional dive shops, you are not stuck on a boat within 2 minutes of the shore or stuck on someone else’s schedule. You are not stuck with a predetermined itinerary, and diving with a large group of strangers of varying abilities. You can visit any and all of the same dive sites, or none of them. However you also choose YOUR dive buddies, you have YOUR choice of dive sites, on YOUR schedule. You choose YOUR accommodations AND experience the island, its restaurants, nightlife and culture first hand rather than through your port hole.

Pro Dive Roatan have built an exceptional reputation for delivering truly boutique dive trips for the discerning diver. Let us know your needs and our team we will take care of all of the details. No hassle, no stress, no problem! Your dive boat will come and pick you up from a dock at or near to your accommodation, with the equipment already set up and ready to go, before whisking you off to dive. The days diving and site choices will be completely driven by your wants and needs.

As we have no fixed schedule we can go to dive sites that are not often visited by other dive shops. If you want to visit some different dive sites to the East, or the famous sea mounts at Cayos Cochinos (Hog Islands) or take in the underwater sights of Utila, then Pro Dive Roatan is the dive shop for you. We aim to make your experience truly unforgettable.

This service is not limited to expert divers. We can offer boutique diving to all of our guests, whether you are someone getting their fins wet for the first time or a seasoned diver with all your own gear. If you need extra instructors for personal attention, or to teach courses, just let us know. We are able to teach all PADI and SSI courses all the way up to Dive Master (with the exception of Tec diving). Book early to avoid disappointment – once our boats are booked we do not add additional boats.

Renting Our Boats by the Day

If we have a vacant week with either of our boats we can offer the same boutique service as above on a daily basis. Everything is the same, your boat, your captain, your instructor/dive master, your schedule, your choice of dive sites. Same service, same extras, same quality. Perhaps you only have a day or two on the island, only a day or two where you can “escape”, or are occasional divers who are not looking for a week of adventure. We do prefer to get to know you better over the course of a week to truly understand your needs and desires to make that vacation into an unforgettable one, but sometimes other considerations must be made… Tailored diving may be booked within 14 days of arrival, subject to availability.

Renting Our Boats by the Dive

If our boats are not booked for either boutique or tailored diving they will be available for private diving on a “first come, first served” basis. Simply contact us by phone, message, email or just pop in in the days before you would like to dive to check on availability. Let us know how many are in your group and we will get you set up for a dive at either 10am or 2pm. Dives will be available to dive sites on our “Home Reef” (Texas to Spooky Channel) only – but that is a choice. Please be aware that we will always do a “get to know you” dive on our first dive with us for safety reasons, so advanced or deep dives on the very first dive will not be available. Pricing will depend upon the number of divers. You still get exactly the same Pro Dive Roatan level of customer service and luxury diving experience, so come and give us a try to see what you are missing out on!

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