Paul Connelly

EFR, Deep, Night, EANx, Wreck, Tec Rec Gas Blender, PPB, Project Aware, AWARE Coral Reef, Emergency O2 Provider, Care for Children w/AED, Sidemount

Paul Connelly

Owner, Operations Manager, Instructor
Hometown: Dundee, Scotland
Places dived: Fiji, Great Barrier Reef, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Panama, Utila, and Roatan
Favorite place to dive: Fiji
Logged dives: 2,000+
Hobbies besides diving: Uh? What is there besides diving?
Weird fact: I’m the Dive Doctor. If no one else can fix it, I can.



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Years of Teaching Diving

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Why did you start diving?

My girlfriend at the time, talked me into taking my Open Water course while backpacking in Fiji with another couple. All of us guys ended up hanging out and diving for another 3 weeks!

Why do you enjoy teaching others to dive?

Discovered that after I did my Scuba Instructor Course that I have actually been a teacher all of my life just like my father, except I have a better classroom. At 14 I was the youngest ever kayak instructor in Scotland and was also later a coach. I have been teaching in the outdoors ever since—paragliding, skiing, rafting etc. So, since I had taught in the skies, on the mountains, and in the rivers it was now time to teach in the ocean. I never did it for work, just as fun on the weekends.

What’s the best thing about owning a dive shop in Roatan?
Because I am able to do everything the “right” way. (I think there is a song about that!) I love being in Roatan because there’s amazing diving, it’s a cool place to live, and it’s not too remote.
Before teaching scuba diving in Roatan, what were you doing?

I traveled for a bit, but for 17 years I owned a vacation planning service for ski and summer vacations in Colorado.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for a new diver or someone who has never gone diving before?

Do it, do it, do it!!! (chanting)

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