Arturo Cuéllar

Favorite Local Dive Sites
Pablo’s Place, West End Wall and Mandy’s Eel Garden

Arturo Cuéllar

Lead Captain
Captain’s License, Open Water Diver

Hometown: Tela, Atlantida
Years as a boat captain: I started working as a dive boat captain in 2001.
Hobbies besides diving: I keep pretty busy outside of work, so not too much time for hobbies. I am currently helping my brother to build his house in our community. I also love to watch sports, and football (soccer) in particular.
Weird fact: We are on the north side of the island, but the sun still sets directly in front of us every night – we must live in a very special place!


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Why did you start diving?

I have lived on Roatan since 1999, and worked at a few dive places. I learned to dive because of the way I live. Every day as a dive boat captain I hear so many great dive stories that I didn’t want to hear any more without experiencing it for myself. Now I can tell my own stories!

Why do you love being a boat captain?

I started working as a dive boat captain in 2001. Before working at Pro Dive Roatan, I worked at TGI Diving and Octopus Dive School. I worked at the Mares service center here in West End for a couple of years, so I am familiar with the equipment, maintenance, servicing, as well as visual and hydro testing of tanks. Being a boat captain is one of the most rewarding jobs in Roatan. I love to take people to enjoy doing what they love, and help in any way that I can.

Where are your favorite places to take guests on the island?

The tip of the island is one of the most lively areas for sea life. Some of the best stories come from there!

What do you like most about Roatan and working at Pro Dive Roatan?

My family likes Roatan because as a tourist community there are more employment opportunities for the family, and it is a safe environment. Before coming to Roatan, I was studying at school. I came to Roatan because I love living by the ocean and had always been around and driving boats so it was an opportunity to do something that I love.

I love that Pro Dive Roatan it is a different culture from other dive shops. Here we take our customers’ experience and the service they receive very seriously and go out of our way to make sure that everything is perfect for the guest. I like that we are more customer focused than other shops.

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